Robot palletitisers and handling systems



Robot palletitisers

Modern palletising lines must be able to ensure the handling - which means the grouping and palletising - of different packaging units coming from different production and packaging lines with flexibility, reliability and precision. This is where the key advantages of the Schäfer & Flottman robot palletisers come into application.
Up to 4 production lines can be directed to and palletised by one robot. Depending on the product and the packing arrangement, either single packaging units, ¼, ⅓ or ½ layers, with high speed palletisers even more, completely pre-grouped and stacked layers can be taken simultaneously from the sorting table and placed on the pallet.
Our specific know-how becomes effective in the conception of the equipment, the design of the gripper or vacuum heads, the control system for the complete line and, last but not least, in the specific palletising sequences and in particular in the careful and precise stacking of the products.

Pallets with different dimensions and half pallets stacked on a master pallet can, of course, also be handled. If required, the placement of base, intermediate and top layer inserts with different positions for the intermediate inserts can be integrated into the line.
We can also, on request, further equip the palletising line with shrink wrappers or strapping machines for securing the pallets, as well as the possibility of marking the pallets with a code or label – again, everything supplied from one source.


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